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I miss you guys. :c
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Look! Look what happens!

Suds happens.
That's Lenore btw. My new(ish) kitty~
She wanted to lick the fail. >_>

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Fuck you glitchy fire!
My sim, who was pregnant btw, sat down to watch some TV.
The couch fucking burst into flames!!
And she jumps up and gets glitched into the couch so death is assured.
After flailing around like a sim on fire for a bit, she succumbed to the flames.
Grimmy showed up and because her hubby was at work, I couldn't save her. :c
AND THEN the social worker showed up and took their first baby away!
Good times...

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01. Compose a list of YOUR top ten sexiest famous men. (no particular order. but is it sad that I kept coming back to fictional characters? prolly...)
02. Collect one picture of each guy.
03. Post them in your journal.
04. Tag five people to do the same: anyone who hasn't already done it~

Sexi timezCollapse )

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His birthday was yesterday. He would have been 24, if I remember correctly.
Coincidence that I started my Lord of the Rings marathon last night?
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In this House, the traits associated with Taurus that will be most emphasized are materialism and loyalty. These Slytherins will be almost blindly loyal to their friends and allies, and they will value wealth and the trappings of wealth over more intangible assets. Determination will also be emphasized. All Slytherins are determined, but the stubborn Taurus Slytherin is unstoppable once they have their mind set on something. A large number of Slytheirns in this sign work for Gringotts after graduating from Hogwarts, for they are very good with money.


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Is it wrong how much I love Peter Pan? I'm talking the boy, the story, the concept, just in general...
AND it's very interesting from a psychological stand point. Oedipus complex and whatnot.

I had this really awesome/weird dream last night. The gist of it was, this boy and I were bored so I was like "Okay. Lets have sex." and we had to steal some condoms from my grandmother but we just ended up playing with them instead. Yeah, I dunno either.

I'm driving an hour and a half to go look at a cat that I might want to adopt. Maybe I'll stop by and see my baby and my woman while I'm out.

I had to give up my cute 'lil pot and plant to my mom for mother's day because I had nothing else. And then she left it outside in the night! Rude.

So being broke srsly blows. I need a job hardcore. I've applied to Borders and Toys R Us, and I have to take in a few paper applications. Plus, I'm looking around town(s) for help wanted signs and the like. Newspaper adds just totally fail me. But I have a pretty constant on and off job babysitting my cousins, so that's good.
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